WORK BITCH by Jessica Siân

Waitress never thought she’d end up here, 32, clearing plates, taking orders. How did she get here? And what if this is it?

A story of pulling pints and sweeping floors - from a Saturday job refilling coffee cups in South Africa’s young rainbow-nation to a curry house in Camberwell nearly two decades later, Work Bitch follows Waitress through a life well worked. The lovers, the friends, the adopted families and the terrible tips that made her. This play is for generation side-hustle. The three jobs and shared flats and no property prospects. Work Bitch is a play about the work we do and how it defines us.


The final scene of Work Bitch is one I couldn't look away from. It is a moment where Blythe Stewart's direction and Siân's words weave together seamlessly and I'm holding my breath thinking back on it now. ​​★★★★   A Younger Theatre

A demure attitude and pleasant manners hide a deep sadness that the character can't shake nor show publicly...Directed by Blythe Stewart, she stands in front of endless orders organised quite messily on the racks. Siân is subtly funny, finding humour in the tragic happenings in every server's work-life. ★★★★   Broadway World


Writer & Performer Jessica Siân

Producer  Rebecca Durbin 

Set and Costume Design Luke Robson 

Lighting Designer Jamie Platt 

Sound Designer Anna Clock 

Poster Photography Richard Lakos for The Other Richard

Publicity Photography Eloise Campbell



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