THE MOOR by Catherine Lucie 

Bronagh has lived right at the heart of the moor for as long as she can remember. But recently she has started having the same

dream over and over again - with the voices and the whispering. Is it trying to tell her something? 


When a boy vanishes, Bronagh has to tell someone what she suspects, entangling herself and her boyfriend in a murder investigation. But how can anyone find the truth when the ground keeps shifting? 


The Moor is a tense psychological thriller, part domestic tale, part folk tale, that pits Bronagh against her own past and present, dragging her, her baby daughter and those closest to them into something deeper than the marsh on the moor. 


An almost perfect piece of theatre  ★★★★  Everything Theatre

Packs a twist that’ll satisfy  ★★★★★  Miro Magazine

Brilliantly written and thrillingly staged  ★★★★  Love London Love Culture 


Beautifully crafted into a truly breathing and living world  ★★★★★  Theatre Box 


Writer Catherine Lucie 

Designer Holly Piggot

Lighting Designer Jamie Platt

Sound Designer Anna Clock 

Photography Richard Lakos for The Other Richard


Bronagh Jill McAusland

Graeme Oliver Britten

Pat Jonny Magnant

Offies - Most Promising New Playwright.j