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Skin A Cat

by Isley Lynn

for VAULT Festival, Bunker Theatre, UK Tour

Skin A Cat follows Alana on an awkward sexual odyssey: from getting her first period at nine years old and freaking out her frantic mother, to watching bad porn at a house party with her best friend's boyfriend, to a painful examination by an overly cheery gynaecologist - all in the pursuit of losing her virginity and finally becoming a woman. Whatever that means...


Masterfully done…Skin a Cat is a quiet revelation…a glorious, hopeful and eye-opening experience 

★★★★  The List

Beyond its silly and plentiful humour is a genuinely moving and effortlessly charming production … It’s born out in Stewart's intelligent direction.

★★★★ TimeOut


Stewart’s production is a stylish, sympathetic staging of some seriously important new writing  

★★★★★ A Younger Theatre


Director Blythe Stewart knows how to breathe warmth and humanity into an uncomfortable subject matter…Simulated sex scenes are fully clothed and amusingly abstracted in a clever directorial flourish that keeps the focus on the ideas in play rather than the acts depicted  



Producer Zoë Anjuli Robinson

Designer Holly Piggot

Lighting Designer Harrison Routledge / Lucy Adams

Poster Photography Richard Lakos for The Other Richard

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