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Jude Starbeam

by Sophie Winter

for On the Button Productions

Conquering the final frontier, reaching for the stars, boldly going where no one's gone before... 


On their first mission into deep space, Skyfleet Enterprise's launch of Polaris, is jeopardised when famous Skyfleet Commander

Jude Starbeam loses control of the space shuttle and crashes on a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy. With all of her communication systems down Dr. Neuron and Dr. Galaxy need your help to decode and uncover how to get Jude safely home. 


A free informative and interactive workshop for year 4 and 5  students all about the brain, exploring function, injury, difference and empathy. 



Writer Sophie Winter                   

Producer  Jo Cummins                    

Set and Costume Design Luke Robson 

Sound Designer Anna Clock        

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