VERONICA by Amy Beth Hayes - In Development 

Veronica Lake was one of the most famous film stars in Hollywood in 1940s. But none of us can't quite remember what she looked like or what she was in; who she was. 

But we can recall the kind of female star of this era - smouldering femme fatale, glacial, cool beauty, iconic hair. For Veronica - long blonde tresses falling over her one eye, covering almost half her face. All of this defined cinematic history. Veronica's rise heralded the birth of a new type of female star: icy, sultry, mysterious, a woman who took control and always came out on top.

So how come Veronica didn't? How come we don't remember her? 


A new play about one woman's attempt to negotiate the pitfalls of the personal and the professional. What happens when women are icons? Is it better to run away or confront the world, when all eyes are on you?