IF AND WHEN by Matilda Ibini, Isley Lynn, Iskandar Sharazuddin

MAX: Every single person in the country. People will disintegrate. People will be hurt. But the vast majority of people will survive and unless they get themselves very far away they will be radioactive. and they will succumb to that, sooner or later. And before they do they'll be shunned. For good reason. and they will need care. And I can do that.


ATTICUS: Why would you do that?


MAX: I'm good at it.

Something terrible is about to happen. Any moment now. So what do you do? In a world of hard stances, snap elections, and political leaders playing schoolyard bullies, the countdown has started.


A new play which brings a responsive, imaginative and exacting look at the lines we draw and the sides we choose when a finger hovers over the reset button.


Writer Matilda Ibini, Isley Lynn, Iskandar Sharazuddin 

Designer James Turner Donnelly 

Lighting Designer Jai Morjaria

Photography Ludovic des Cognets


Hal Hilman / Dominic Crisp / Jordan Bamford / Callum McGuire / Chris Weeks / Molly Chesworth / Catherine Brown / Dan Overton / Kate Chambers / Jonty Weston / Ben Simon / Caitlin O'Ryan / Dominic Jones / Annice Boparai / Deborah Oyelade / Imogen Irving / Tom Miller / Daniel Burke / Essie Barrow