CONDITIONALLY by Danusia Samal 

It’s always a transaction, isn’t it? In the end. "I'll love you if you're patient, I'll love you if you're strong, I'll love you so long as you love me back. 

In a small patch of a sprawling city families, lovers, strangers and friends test the limits of their relationships. What happens when someone declares their love, but we see it, feel it, differently? In the give and take, what gets left behind?


Writer Danusia Samal 

Designer James Turner Donnelly 

Lighting Designer Joe Price 

Photography Ludovic des Cognets


Jack Barton / Alice Dillon / Billy Dunmore / Annabel Facer / Natalie Griffin / George Hannigan / Shaun Jenkinson / Georgia Kouvaraki / Daisy Marsh / Scott McKenzie / Chanelle Modi / Dipo Ola / Simon Phipps / Jenny Smith / Olivia Rose Smith / Grace Stotesbury / Georgina Winter